Special Offers

Leisure area

 Equally important are, in addition to the space for business, the spaces designed for the guests' relax: hence the recent establishment of a relax area with sauna and Turkish bath, solarium and a beautiful and scenic outdoor pool of 25 meters deep in park connected with the interior through the Jacuzzi for 8 people.

From the pool you can enjoy, thanks to the panoramic glass roof that connects with the outside world, a green landscape and a relaxing garden, a tanning outdoors to spend a few hours in peace, surrounded by nature and the silence that makes certainly special the stay for our guests.


Wellness & Relax in Villa

Massagges available, previous reservation:

- Relax

    This massage is a remarkable ritual experience, profoundly calming and grounding.
- Antistress

    A massage designed to fights stress, alleviates tension and eliminates anxiety.
- Lymphatic drainage (detox)

    Anti-cellulite massage.
- Rigenerative Aromatherapy

    promotes relaxation to help open up the energy pathway with essential oils.

* duration 50 minutes.


The time: "You are the most valuable resource of your time. The time is neither quick nor short: is limited.

Conquest freedom to your well-being, to your body, your Io. The time you spend is always too little.
So the opportunity to steal a little 'of this precious time' to give you the chance to relax in perfect touch with nature