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The project to invest on a hotel in Treviso in Italy was born in 1996 when Mr Luciano Semenzato felt in love with Hotel Bolognese and decided to invest in this structure. The Hotel was then completely different from today, but already had a very strong identity and an undisputed popularity among the people from Treviso, especially the restaurant "Bolognese" which since 1956 was sought out for weddings and ceremonies.
In 1996 the Hotel was bought by the Semenzato family that saw the chance to return it to be one of the pearls of Treviso; it took years of patience and projects and then get to the final restructuring concluded in 2004 that brought the structure to have 95 rooms and a availability of 400 congressional seats, with a relax area and an outdoor pool that becomes, during the summer time an outdoor living room and a meeting point for our guests.

Without the talent,the hard work and determination of Mr .Luciano Semenzato and his two sons , Angelica and Oliviero all this would not have happened and we would have lost during the years the value and importance of this Villa-Hotel that has certainly left a mark in time ; a sweet memory for people from Treviso, and a chance for future generations and for those living in Treviso to identify themselves with a witness of memory.

Since 2000 the Semenzato family has decided to manage the structure directly, which under the careful guide of Angelica and Oliviero has grown in importance for years.

The dynamism and determination of the two brothers has meant that Villa Pace Park Hotel Bolognese become not only a company with a decidedly positive trend but also an important tool to raise awareness of Treviso in Italy and abroad.

The structure reflects this elasticity and flexibility that is supported by a wonderful staff who has made his own the Semenzato family's guide. The fact that the hotel is managed directly by the family leads to be plus value in the quality of service and in the engagement date to detail and care of the house that only a family can give to his host.
Nowadays Angelica and Oliviero are involved into a new tourism project : in a couple of years, another structure will be ready, this time in on the Grand Canal in Venice.
That is certainly their professional and personal growth thus paving new roads to go even for Treviso. Today they are perfectly aware that the tourist is no longer a " local tourist but a citizen of the world and only making this idea of considering the tourist as an inhabitant of the place that lives its cities, can thus lead to Treviso as in Venice, as well as from the sea to the river.