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Curiosity about Venice

The Venice Carnival is the most internationally known festival celebrated in Venice. Venice Carnival, began in the 15th century, but the tradition can be traced back to the beginning of the 14th Century.
During the period of Carnival it seems that every excess was permitted and the fact that everyone wore masks seemed to abolish all social division.
During those years one of the first laws made by the Serenissima was that masks cannot be used around the city at night.
The first Carnival began from December 26 and reached its climax the day before the "Martedi Grasso". During Carnival, all the "campi" are thronged with people intent on partying, dancing, singing, and playing games.

The most common costume was composed of a a lace capeof, a voluminous cloak, a black silk hood,and a three-cornered hat and a white mask that completely covered the wearer's face.
Since 1980 the celebration of Carnival in Venice has gained popularity. The streets of Venice Carnival were full of people in masks, and no differentiation could be made between nobility and the common people. People come from all the world over to attend private and public masked balls and masked people invade all the numerous "campi" where music and dancing continues until the day after. It was useful to go to casino, places where you could play games of chance.
The Bridge of Sighs received its name in the 17th century, because the prisoners who passed through it on their way to the prison cells on the other side would most likely see the beautiful sight of the lagoon and the island of S.Giorgio and freedom for the last time.
The Venetians were also well known for their love affairs and legendary love of beautiful women. The most legendary lover was Giacomo Casanova.

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