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Treviso History

Treviso is located 30km north of Venice and 50km east of Vicenza, 40 km north-east of Padua, 120 km south of Cortina d'Ampezzo. Treviso stands at the confluence of Botteniga with the Sile ( Dante, Paradise:"dove Sile e Cagnan s'accompagna") The city is situated some 15 km south-west the right bank of the Piave River, on the plain between the Gulf of Venice and the Alps.
Treviso is one of the prettiest cities of Veneto Region, so, if you are in the area you must see it . Here you can stroll the ancient streets and piazzas, and walk the river banks and canals under the shade of luxurious trees, in the midst of gardens and well kept villas and houses.
Treviso has a long history.
Treviso became a municipium in 89 BC after the Romans added Cisalpine Gaul to their dominions. Citizens were ascribed to the Roman tribe of Claudia. The city lay in proximity of the Via Postumia, which connected Opitergium to Aquileia, two major cities of Roman Venetia during Ancient and Early Medieval times. Treviso is rarely mentioned by ancient writers, although Pliny writes of the "Silis," that is the Sile River, as flowing ex montibus Tarvisanis.
After the fall of Rome, the Veneto Region came under the domination of a succession of invaders including the Huns under Attila, the Goths under Totila, the Longobards, the Carolingians under Charlemagne, and the Swabians under Barbarossa.

During the later Middle Ages,Treviso found itself involved in the conflicts that arose between the Holy Roman Empire (Ghibelline) and Papal forces (Guelph). Comunal government collapsed, and Treviso fell under the control of a series of tyrants.
During 1300,Treviso became absorbed into the Republic of Venice, whose fate from then until after Italian unificationn 1860, was caught up in a cycle of war and diplomacy that saw it come variously under the control of Austria, then France (under Napoleon), then Austria again for periods that were interrupted by rebellion and war, until finally the Republic (including cities like Treviso) became an irrevocable part of Italy.
Treviso endured more trouble during the two world wars: but much remains to be seen in this poetic city where canals and rivers wind their way.

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